By Maggie Coleman

Are you feeling stressed out? Try out these tips!

Get Enough Sleep

I cannot stress enough how important sleep is, especially for college students! 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night is recommended for college students which may seem unrealistic. However, sleep is important to reduce the effects of stress. Taking some time to relax and wind down before bed is a great way to get rid of some of the stress that occurred during the day. If you have a hard time falling asleep you can try taking a warm shower or bath, breathing exercises, or watching your favorite tv show!

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Eat Well

When you are stressed your body naturally craves foods that are high in fat and salt. These foods weigh you down and actually make you feel worse after eating them than you did before! Ditch the candy and potato chips and try adding some leafy green vegetables, nuts (especially pistachios & cashews), oatmeal, yogurt, blueberries , dark chocolate, seeds, and avocados to your diet.

Go For a Walk

Before the weather turns unbearably cold, go outside! Research suggests that going for a walk and getting at least 150 minutes of light aerobic activity a week is a great stress reliver!

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Change Study Locations

Are you sick of studying in the library? Does walking into Memorial give you a sense of impending doom? Change up your study location! Check out Cudahy, the Brew, or an off campus study area like a neighborhood coffee shop or the Milwaukee Public Library.

Listen to Your Favorite Tunes

Listening to music can have a relaxing effect on our minds and bodies, especially classical music!

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Take a Few Deep Breaths

Many people take short, shallow breaths. This can make you feel anxious and destroy your energy. The simple 4–7–8 breathing technique can help you relax and reduce stress. You can do this anywhere! Just find a comfortable position. Place your tongue against the roof of your mouth right behind your two front teeth. Inhale silently through your nose and count to four in your head. Next, hold your breath for seven seconds. Last,exhale through your mouth for eight seconds. Practice this for four full breaths!

Turn Off Your Cell Phone

Turning off your smart phone and ignoring social networks can be a simple way to quickly reduce stress!

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Use Essential Oils

Lavender is a well-known essential oil for stress relief! It has calming effects on both the mind and body and can even lessen anxiety. Lavender can also improve mental concentration which can aid in studying. Rubbing lavender oil on your temples or wrists or inhaling it directly can help with full body relaxation.

Map Out Your Week Using a Planner

Creating a calendar that includes your class schedule, due dates, exam dates, study times, social events, and any other extracurricular activities is crucial. Many people are extremely busy in college, and having everything written down in one place can lessen procrastination or forgetfulness of important dates which can cause stress.

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Doodle or Color

Doodling and coloring is relaxing for some people and may reduce stress! There are many coloring books for adults on the market that are specific to stress relief. Many people claim that coloring makes them feel calmer, mentally clearer, happier, and more relaxed.

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