By: Renu Venkatesh

What is Milwaukee Day?

Milwaukee Day or 414 day, is based on Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s area code which is 414. It takes place every year on April 14th to help celebrate the amazingly gifted and talented community Milwaukee. Many restaurants and stores have deals that are special for the Milwaukee residents and you will find the community working together for charitable and philanthropic purposes. This year will be especially interesting as Milwaukee slowly figures out how to go back to our previous “normal”. To help YOU celebrate Milwaukee Day, here are some activities your family, friends, and you can do around the Milwaukee city while also staying safe!

Activities (In-Person)

  • Take a leisurely stroll to the lakefront with a friend!

The lake front is a common place that many people travel to. Whether it be to have a scenic route when jogging, sitting to watch the sunrise (or sunset), or even to simply clear your head, it makes it even more significant to visit the ever-favorite lakefront on Milwaukee Day.

  • Adventure to the Historic Third Ward

Another common favorite for many of the Milwaukee residents. Walking around the Historic Third Ward is always fun to do. There are so many restaurants and shops around that no matter who you are, you will find something favorable.

  • Grab a bite in the Milwaukee Public Market

Located within the Historic Third Ward, the Milwaukee Public Market has many different and unique food options. It is a great way to see just why so many people decide to come to this city.

  • Grab some ice cream from Kopps!

A Milwaukee favorite when looking for some good ice cream. It has a unique ice cream menu where the flavors of the day change. There are also at least over 20 ice cream flavors, all of which are loved.

  • Visit the Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee Public Museum, and/or the Milwaukee dome.
  • See the Harley Davidson Museum

Activities (Virtually)

  • Facetime with friends/family
  • Play virtual video games/board games.
  • Ex: Jackbox, among us, Town of Salem, Steam games, console games, etc.
  • Create a Kahoot together to get to know each other better.


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