By Ian Privett

Smoking and vaping can easily become a habit, making it that much harder to stop because it’s a part of your day. Here are some quick alternatives you can use instead of grabbing another cigarette or Juul pod. After all, Marquette is a tobacco and vape-free campus!

  1. Replacing your smoking or vaping break with a quick phone call. Taking the time to call someone instead of smoking not only stops you from ingesting harmful carcinogens, but it also gives you the opportunity to call your loved ones so they can’t complain about your lack of calling!
  2. Grab a healthy snack instead of smoking or vaping. Snacks such as sunflower seeds and other similar foods can keep your mouth busy so you can’t have another puff. Plus, it’s a source of nutrition!
  3. Avoid circumstances that may trigger your need for a quick smoke or vape. Social activities or drinking alcohol may make smoking a more habitual part of your life. Learning why you smoke can help you develop strategies to stop. That said, changing some of your situations that may make you more likely to smoke may be a good idea!
  4. Find a chore or new hobby to do when you get the urge to smoke or vape. Since smoking can become habitual, replacing that habit with another small one will hopefully help you forget about your smoking or vaping crave. On top of that, you’re also getting some of your chores done or even enjoying a new hobby!
  5. Take some time to meditate or reflect on your day instead of smoking or vaping. Not only would this be likely to help reduce your stress, but it may even replace your habit of smoking or vaping! This can also help you better evaluate your day, which is never a bad thing to consider.

Learn more about Marquette’s Tobacco-Free Policy and additional resources for quitting at:

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