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The bite app by Sodexo gives students access to menus at resident dining and retail locations on campus. Simply type in the location you want to eat at and see what is being served for breakfast, lunch or dinner every day for a week!

When you click on a particular menu item, you will be able to see the Nutrition Facts, as well as the main allergens for those who need nutrition modifications or who have dietary restrictions. This information is also shown on the monitors above food stations to reference when you are browsing the menu in the dining hall itself.

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The bite app can also connect to your FitBit and other leading fitness apps (like MyFitnessPal) allowing you to log your food and calories. The menu control feature allows you to filter menus by location, highlight allergens, and more.

For more information on nutrition at Marquette, visit contact our Registered Dietitian, Mike DiBiasi at for FREE consultations and guidance!

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