By Laura Sienkiewicz

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With an extremely hectic (and stressful) college schedule full of difficult classes, jobs, and involvement in a bunch of organizations, it is sometimes difficult to find the time to exercise as often and it might be even more stressful dwelling over the idea of how you should be working out more despite not being able to find the time. Thankfully, there are a few tips and tricks out there to fit in a few more workouts into your routine to keep your body healthy and your mind at ease!

Before diving into some ways to incorporate fitness into a busy schedule, it’s important to recognize the benefits that doing this could have. Sure, we’ve all heard about the “Freshman 15”, but exercising has more health benefits than just the idea of not gaining weight. It can also help with managing stress, something that any college student can benefit from since exercise causes your body to release endorphins, which calm you down ( It also may be a nice way to clear your mind after a tough day or a busy week (I know I have had plenty of those). Also, exercising often has been shown to improve sleep, which is another aspect of wellness that college students oftentimes struggle with (

For some people, finding the time to work out isn’t the problem. The problem could also be not wanting to do it alone because you might want to meet other people or to have someone keep you accountable. If that sounds like you, Marquette offers many recreational opportunities and clubs that you can get involved in! Intramural sports are a popular activity, but there are also clubs such as CHAARG (which I was a part of freshman year and I absolutely LOVED) and club sports that you can sign up for. There is also a variety of fitness classes at both the Rec Center and the Rec Plex, along with yoga at the 707 Building three days a week! Grab some friends, choose a class and time that works for you, and try it out! These fitness classes are also great if you are trying to fit in a workout in between classes since many are offered at different times throughout the day.

If you aren’t a huge fan of going to the gym or working out in groups but you still want to try to fit exercise into your schedule, there are some dorm-friendly exercises that you could do with a little bit of help from YouTube. For a workout to be effective, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a five-mile run. My personal recommendations for when I am on a time-crunch are Blogilates, The Fitness Marshall, and Tone It Up but there are A BUNCH more that are super fun and super convenient. The great part is that the videos vary in time so if you only have fifteen minutes to get some quick exercises in, you bet that there will be a fifteen-minute video to fit into that time frame (I know from personal experience that Blogilates is a great fitness account to follow for quick, effective fitness videos- I sometimes do them in the mornings to boost my mood and to get me ready for the rest of my day!)

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