By: Renu Venkatesh

Fun Social Distance Activities to Do with Friends Safely

It is hard being stuck at home. We all love seeing our friends and going on little adventures around town or even hanging out with them. Our world is changing, and we need to find new ways to keep in touch other than through social media. Humans need social interactions, but what are some safe and fun ways to do that when there is a global pandemic? Do not fear! Even though we may not be able to see and go on adventures with our friends in traditional ways, there are still many things to do with friends while keeping each other safe and healthy.


There will be both in-person and virtual ideas on having fun with friends and being safe. It is important to remember, though, that the most crucial goal is to keep you and yourself healthy. Before any interactions, here are some reminders on how to stay well and healthy.


  1. Wash your hand for at least 20 seconds whenever you can: to let the soap sink into your skin and kill the germs, it needs at least 20 seconds to do so. Rather than count to 20, try singing a little song like the alphabet. Even singing the beginning to one of your favorite songs, then dance around the room to dry your hands after.
  2. When in-person, make sure to stand at least 6 feet apart: it is tough to stay indoors 24/7. Sometimes we want to see a friend, and being on Facetime or Teams sometimes does not give that satisfaction we are looking for. If you must go out or want to see someone, make sure to be at LEAST 6 feet apart. This distance limits the spread of germs between each other.
  3. Wear a mask whenever outside your home: wearing a mask is essential! Masks also limit the spread of germs and keep YOU safe. With the pandemic still here, wearing a mask helps control the spread of the virus.
  4. Limit the number of people you are with in-person: our social circles are much larger than we think. Not only are we affected by the people we directly interact with, but the people our friends have interacted with. The largest groups should be no more than ten people, but it is always better to keep that number in the middle-to-low single digits. The fewer people we interact with in person, the harder it is to spread the virus.
  5. If you are feeling unwell, stay home: please stay home if you are not feeling well. It is better to rest up and keep yourself and others safe from getting sick. It is better to stay home rather than end up in the hospital.


Now, as promised, here are some fun activities you and your friends can do both in-person and virtually to keep in touch.


Play a board game

Social distanced ice cream time together

Personalized “Guess Who”

Chalk sidewalk drawing

Outdoor movie

Grab a blanket outside and read a book together


(These are done through platforms like Teams or Facetime)

Host a large group call

Play among us

Have a video game tournament

Stream a movie together

Host a book club

Virtual dance-off

Have a huge virtual gathering and eat a meal together

CDC Guidelines and Updates:

We are committed to advancing the overall health and wellbeing of the students at Marquette University through comprehensive wellness services and programming.

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