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Have you ever wanted to try out a new workout studio but didn’t really know where to look or maybe you were nervous about having to commit to going a certain amount of times in order to get your money’s worth? Luckily, since Marquette is located in the great city of Milwaukee, there is a variety of options close by! If you don’t have a car on campus- no worries! A lot of these places are easily accessible by the bus system and some places are even in walkable distance, especially those in the Third Ward.

The nice thing about these fitness studios is that a lot of them are very college-student friendly; they have a lot of student deals and discounts for single classes or even for entire class packages. They also have a lot of class times to choose from so it is very likely that you will find something that will fit into your schedule (I know that I’m a big fan of 6am hot yoga on Tuesdays and Thursdays!)

Here’s a list of a few workout places that you can try:

Hot Yoga Milwaukee

If you have a month that’s less busy than all the others (or if you’re staying in Milwaukee over winter break), Hot Yoga Milwaukee has a great special for first-time students. It includes a month of unlimited classes for $49! Since a usual class is $20, this is a great deal!

The Barre Code

This studio is located pretty close to campus (in the Third Ward) and they offer their first class for only $10. If you want to try something new with your friends, this would be a great opportunity! If you end up enjoying the class, they also offer an unlimited month for $89 if you’re a first-time student.

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The November Project

This is absolutely FREE! These workouts are open to anybody and can be modified for all levels. They take place at O’Donnell Park (by the orange sculpture close to the lake) each Wednesday at 6:26am (perfect for a quick workout before classes start for the day since it usually ends at around 7:15am- plenty of time to shower and grab a snack afterwards!)

SPIRE Fitness

Also located in the convenient location of the Third Ward, SPIRE offers an $85 special for unlimited classes for the first month for new students. They have plenty of class options- some even as early as 5:30am for all of you early birds out there! They also offer special student pricing for full-time students, so contact them if you want more information.

9 Round Fitness

Also conveniently close to campus (located right on Wisconsin Ave!) First-time students get a free class!

The Milwaukee Art Museum also offer a free yoga class each month (always on Saturday mornings!) Check out their website for the upcoming dates. It is a great way to relax and start a weekend off on the right foot.

And… Drum roll please… here is my absolute favorite (the studio that offers the 6am yoga that I mentioned previously):

Milwaukee Power Yoga

Take advantage of their 10 days for $10 special! This package allows you to go to as many yoga classes as you please throughout those ten days. There is no commitment necessary beyond that if you decide that hot yoga isn’t for you.

These are all great places to check out around Milwaukee and are both good for your workout schedule and exploring what Milwaukee has to offer. Along with this, Marquette also has great options on campus if going off-campus isn’t for you- there are classes at the Rec Center and the Rec Plex, yoga in the 707 Building, workout clubs like CHAARG, and club/intramural sports that you can get involved in!

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