Remember to Love Yourself First

Valentines day isn’t always about romantic love, theatrical gestures, or displays of affection, contrary to commercial beliefs. If it makes you feel better, Valentines day originated as a day to commemorate Saint Valentine who died (yikes!) as a Martyr. The Valentine's day portrayed today wasn’t curated into the current consumerist holiday until the Middle ages where they had bad health practices and hygiene — ew. Don’t feel pressured to find someone beause they will come when you least expect it. Don’t you want to meet someone when you’re at your best, if so, put yourself first. How can you share a laugh and your happiness if you don’t find happiness within yourself? So take this time, this day, and the day after, to take care of yourself, and appreciate those who already love you.

Things you can do during this Valentines:

1. Get some brunch with your gals and pals!


Sweet Diner

Café Benelux

Other worthy mentions:

2. Do something fun with friends (the love you get from them is great too).

3. Plan a visit to the lake shore. Maybe you’ll spot a mermaid…

Grab some art supplies from the CLSI in the AMU (free to all students)!
All you is need is a blanket and some snacks to go!

4. Treat yourself — go shopping!

We get it, trust us. As students we’re always on a budget! But, sometimes it’s nice to buy a pick-me-up. There are tons of little cutesy shops and thrifting spots all over Milwaukee that you can visit.

5. Cook for yourself.

6. Treat yourself to a spa day. Get a waxing, a massage, new eyebrows, do it all. Get that nail set, you deserve it, or you can get a fresh new cut.

7. Make a playlist for yourself that let’s everyone know you love yourself.

And remember to celebrate YOU. Happy Valentine’s-Slay!

This blog post was provided to you by Marquette University’s Center for Student Wellness and Health Promotion. Our writer for the week is Anonymous.



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