Smoking and Distribution of Cigars Now Banned During Recruitment Week for Marquette Fraternities

By Mary Grace Fries:

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On September 6, 2018, a policy was passed by the Interfraternity Council (IFC) regarding the smoking of cigars during the recruitment process on Marquette University’s campus. IFC voted to ban cigar distribution and smoking among fraternity recruits and members during Recruitment Week. The new policy took effect immediately.

This decision is an effort to promote health and wellness among Marquette’s community as a whole. There have been reports of fraternity members feeling pressured by Greek groups to smoke cigars, which is known to be harmful to people’s health.

Cigars contain the same toxic and carcinogenic components found in cigarettes and are not a safe alternative to cigarettes. Consistent smoking of cigars is associated with an increased risk of various cancers, gum disease, tooth loss, coronary heart disease, and lung diseases like emphysema and chronic bronchitis (CDC).

Connor Darrow, current senior and Vice President of Recruitment of IFC at Marquette, is a leader in this push for policies revolving around wellness in fraternity life. Connor reports IFC is striving to establish a more active and positive role on campus, and this change is in light of that mindset. IFC is working for increased attention to policies regarding students’ protection and fairness. They are encouraging holistic wellness to keep the well-being of Marquette students at the forefront of their responsibilities.

Banning cigar distribution and smoking during Recruitment Week is significant for Marquette because IFC has a platform and respect to go along with it that can make meaningful changes on campus. 73% of Greek members are part of other Marquette organizations, so this rule is spreading beyond the borders of fraternity and sorority life.

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