Ways to Keep in Touch with Friends and Remind Them Why You Love Them

By: Renu Venkatesh

With the global pandemic, a lot of us will be staying at home for a while. This means that everyone will be separated, and it can be hard staying away from your best friends. It is important to stay in touch with each other and remind our friends for all the things they do that we are thankful for and why we love them so much. It is smart to look for fun and new ways to keep in touch with our friends and have some good fun while staying safe at home.

Below are some fun ways to stay in touch with friends while also sending your love to your friends during this weird time.

Stay in Touch with Friends

  • Facetime/Teams/Zoom/Discord chats

One of the simplest ways to keep in touch with friends is by checking in with them through virtual chats. No matter where you or your friends are in the world, there is a way to chat through one of these platforms. It is easily accessible to many of us and is an amazing way to check in with your friends. These are just some of the platforms that people can use but there are many others out there that you and your friends may prefer.

  • PowerPoint presentations

Something new that I have learned (and that my friends and I have started to do) is create these cheesy presentations and present them to your friends. It can be on any topic you want, and it can truly help you and your friends get to know each other’s interest a little bit better. It is fun to see what everyone decides to present on. A common idea that people does it they pick a movie or TV show they really like and say which character their friends remind them of.

  • Eat dinner together (virtually)

It is always fun to enjoy a meal together with friends. Even though each of us may be in a different city, state, or even country, you and your friends can still enjoy a nice meal together by grabbing your dinner, getting on a video call, and starting your meals. It may not be the same as eating in person, but it is a great way to still enjoy your meal and catch up with friends.

  • Read a book/book club together

Maybe you and your friends are all big book lovers, but during the school year, it can be difficult to find time. Now that there is a break, you and your friends can find time to finish those books you have been wanting to start. What is even more fun is when you start a new book with friends and go through the events and plot twists together. It can be fun to read and discuss your thoughts with friends and see what others think of the same book.

Ways to show you are thinking of your friends

  • Letters

A great way to remind you friends of how much you care for them is through writing a hand-written letter. I have a few friends who do this to me, and I know that every time I am surprised with their hand-written letters, it warms my hearts and reminds me of their love and that I am not alone. It is a simple act that can truly brighten your friends’ day.

  • Care Packages

It is always nice to receive a little care package when relaxing or to be reminded when we are stressed. Sometimes when we are relaxing, it is nice to have a selfcare routine that we do and these care packages can give our friends a nice reminder that we are there for them, no matter where they are in the world. There are also so many different kinds of care packages to create and it can be fun create a special one for each one of your friends.

  • Warm Fuzzy

Warm fuzzy are a fun bonding gift that you and your friends can do with each other. It is something that I have seen done between friends, work, and different organizations. They are hand crafted specifically for that person/friend you have in mind and truly warms each person’s heart.

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