By Veronica Maniak

This time of year generally means spending time with a loved one or celebrating important relationships in your life. We have St. Valentine and the greeting card industry to thank for that I suppose. However, while celebrating the meaningful relationships in your life, it is important to reflect on how they positively impact you.

This year, February 11th to 15th will be dedicated to celebrating Healthy Relationships Week. Healthy Relationships Week stands as a long-lasting tradition that educates and empowers individuals to identify the qualities that make up a healthy relationship. After all, everybody deserves to be in a safe and healthy relationship.

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So how do you know if you are in a safe and healthy relationship? Keep reading to find out!

This is the first step to making sure each individual in the relationship understands the other persons expectations and needs. It ensures that both people are on the same page and is comfortable with the other person. It’s important to speak up if something is bothering you and be open to compromise.

This includes emotional, physical, and digital boundaries. Knowing what your partner wants out of the relationship and what the other person is comfortable with is crucial to ensuring that each individual receives the respect they deserve. If your partner begins pressuring you or ignoring your boundaries these could be potential warning signs to an unhealthy relationship.

Building trust in a relationship requires mutual commitment, respect, and consistency. Putting your confidence in someone is a big deal and not to be taken lightly. Trusting someone is a choice, one that you make on your own, not one that can be demanded or proven. Relying on someone can be scary, but is a super important part of a healthy relationship.

Want to learn more or concerned about a relationship or someone you know and care about is in? Check out www.loveisrespect.orgfor more information and resources.

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